Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

Lady Antebellum will do a mini-tour of Great Britain this summer, and there's a high demand for tickets - so high that they've had to move to larger venues. According to Charles Kelley, “The U.K. has been one of those places that has been kind of the biggest responders to our music from a global perspective, so it’s been kind of cool.” The largest show they'll do is the 2012 Hard Rock Calling Music Festival, where they'll open for Bruce Springsteen. According to Charles, “there is no entertainer we look up to more than him.”

How do you win a free concert from Lady Antebellum? You tug on their heart-strings. They offered a free prom concert as the prize in a video contest, and Henryville High School in tornado-ravaged Henryville, Indiana won. But Lady A is upping the ante, playing a much bigger event on May 16th as a fund-raiser for the families who lost so much. Check out what it takes to win Lady A:

She was eliminated from Blake Shelton's team during Monday night's battle rounds on The Voice, but Gwen Sebastian has hit the jackpot. She'll open for Blake on six of his tour stops this year, and will also sing with him live on the ACM Award show April first. Blake enjoys the role of mentor, saying “Have fun and try to win them over, ya know. Those are the scariest and the most memorable times of what they’ll do I think are these first couple of years.” Blake co-hosts the ACM show with Reba again this year.

Taylor Swift is cool, calm and collected as we get closer to the ACM Awards on April first. Maybe it's because she's made so many acceptance speeches already, maybe it's because she already has her date lined up - high school senior Kevin McGuire, who's battling cancer - or maybe it's just that the ACM Awards have a special vibe around them: “I really like it because I always seem to be really relaxed and having a lot of fun at that awards show and that is saying a lot! Because to me, awards shows are very, intensely stressful, but at that one, I always seem to kind of be able to be like, ‘Alright…this is fun.’”

Toby Keith is hitting the road this summer with the Live in Overdrive Tour, kicking off June 14th in Utah.

Lionel Richie's country duets project, "Tuskeegee," comes out next Tuesday, and it features most of Nashville's top tier of country stars. Rascal Flatts is on it, working out "Dancing on the Ceiling" with Lionel, and according to the guys, the song choice was a no-brainer: “Our first five, six years together we all three rode on the same bus. And we would get back after the show, and you know you’re still pumped up and you’ve got all this adrenaline going, and one of the songs we’d play in our playlist was ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’”

The tweet of the day is from Blake Shelton: "I'm so drunk right now I just dialed 911 and shouted "Help!!!! How can the judges on Chopped eat so much?!!!!""