Friday, March 16, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

What do you do when you're a big country music star with kids who love other artists' music? You take them to concerts. Dierks Bentley took his daughters to see Taylor Swift, but not in Nashville. Dierks is touring in Australia and so is Taylor, so he and girls his showed up at one of her concerts. Dierks tweeted that it was an "incredible show" and that "lives were changed tonight."

Miranda Lambert is singing a song about a sad chapter in Blake's life - "Over You" is about the death of his brother: “Over time, he’s sort of opened up to me a few times and actually told me the story one day of exactly what had happened. And you know, bein’ that close to him now almost feels like it happened to me, and I wasn’t even there.” When Blake was 14, his big brother Richie was killed in a car crash.

Jason Aldean is enjoying the success of "Fly Over States," his latest single. He says, “It’s just one of those songs that remind me of where I’m from and a lot of the stuff I grew up visually seeing, you know, in my part of the country. And I think it kinda just sheds some light on farming and things like that, that I think a lot of people kinda don’t give those guys enough credit for what it is they do.”

Jake Owen has a second gold single from his "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" cd, but he's staying grounded: “I really like it when people come up and say, ‘Jake, I love the way that you’re not forgettin’ where you came from and stayin’ really true and nice and real to people.’ And I’m glad people tell me that because it’s nice to be reminded because in a world where I think everyone can become caught up in themselves and things sometimes, I just want to always be reminded and brought back down to where it all came from.” He hits the road with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw this summer.

Kellie Pickler is part of the pre-race entertainment at Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend, and is happy to get back to some childhood favorites: “I grew up in Albemarle, North Carolina, which is about 20, 25 minutes from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. So, where I’m from, racing is kind of a religion. I did grow up around race fans and whatnot, and so I’m really, really excited about goin’ to the race.”

Toby Keith will be on the Tonight Show tonight, and is hoping you'll add a little Mezcal to your St. Patrick's Day celebrations this weekend. His restaurants are serving up a green drink called Swamp Water that Toby says is perfect for St. Pats. Here's the recipe:

Prepare in Mason jar over ice

1.25 ounces - Wild Shot Silver
2.25 ounces - Apple Pucker
.75 ounces - Simple Syrup
Splash of Midori
Fill with Sweet & Sour Mix
Float lime juice
Garnish with 2 limes and a cherry
Add 2 drops of green food coloring to darken the green

Happy birthday tomorrow to Paul Overstreet, who turns 57, and Sunday Charley Pride turns 74.

The tweet of the day is from Rachel Reinert of Gloriana: "I'm up against Faith Hill in this competition and need all the votes I can get cause shes a goddess in leather pants."