Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

Jason Aldean had a little big-boy fun this week as he suited up with the Atlanta Braves at spring training in Florida. The day of thrills and drills was filmed for an episode of GAC's "Day Jobs," where stars go back and do the jobs they had before they hit it big. Jason was having none of going back to being a Pepsi delivery man, saying he's worked too hard to put that kind of heavy labor behind him. Instead, he got to do his dream job - play with the Atlanta Braves. The Macon native, a life-long Braves fan, got a jersey with his name on it and signed autographs right next to Chipper Jones, who said about Jason's baseball skills, “Not bad. He’s a little more athletic than we’re used to seeing from our normal celebs.’’

Dr. Suess' The Lorax opens today, with Taylor Swift voicing the animated character of Audrey. Taylor has always love Dr. Suess because, “One of the reasons I’ve been so drawn to Dr. Suess is the rhyming. I’ve always had this just obsession with rhyming. Um...And so I grew up and became a songwriter and now I get to rhyme stuff all the time.” What's the moral of the story? “The message of The Lorax is you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Appreciate what you have while you have it. Appreciate the beauty in what’s there right now and try to preserve it for tomorrow.” The animated movie is expected to win at the box office this weekend.

Kenny Chesney's next album will be out June 19th. The project doesn't have a name yet.

Scotty McCreery pranked Brad Paisley, and now he's a little bit scared of retaliation. What did he do? Scotty found out that Brad keeps a second hat backstage, so when he gives the first one to a fan he can go get the second one to wear for the rest of the show. Scotty swiped the the spare, replacing it with an extra-small Paisley tour t-shirt. Then he painted a goatee on himself, borrowed a guitar and went onstage while Brad was singing "Celebrity," making fun of his mannerisms and making Brad laugh with his antics. Check out this fan video of the fun...

Heads up, American Idol fans - Lauren Alaina will be on the show next Thursday. She says she has a lot of empathy for the contestants, remembering, “On the show you wake up and you don’t really know what you’re doing for the day. Like you just – you get on a bus and you go to the studio or wherever you need to go and they tell you whether or not you need to be camera ready. If you need to be camera ready you know that you’re either gonna meet someone really important or you’re gonna have to do an interview of some kind. And that’s literally like your everyday, you have no idea what’s up ahead.”

Reba is featured in tonight's episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" and according to the show's producers, found out some shocking things about her ancestors. But is who you are nature or nurture? Here's what Reba thinks: “Things that happen to me in my childhood, growing up on a ranch, are totally instilled in me to the marrow of my bones and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away from it.” The show airs tonight at 8pm Eastern on NBC. Sunday night, Reba is featured on Oprah's Master Class, discussing her career and her childhood. That show airs on the OWN network Sunday night.

Happy birthday to Larry Stewart of Restless Hearts, who is 53 today, Brett Warren of The Warren Brothers, who is 41 tomorrow, and to singer/songwriter Jason Sellers, who turns 41 on Sunday.

The tweet of the day is from Kix Brooks: "Does anybody care about the Monkeys? Yeah I do! First concert - RIP Davey!"