Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

The down side to being a big star is that you can be the target of guilt trips - some of which put you in a no-win situation. That's the case with Taylor Swift right now, as the sister of Kevin McGuire is pushing to have Taylor be Kevin's date to his prom. Kevin was treated for leukemia at the age of 13, beat it, but now it's back. Saying nothing brightens his day more than Taylor Swift, she's put up a Facebook page trying to convince Taylor to go to the prom with Kevin.

Keith Urban is having a wonderful time being a coach on the Australian version of "The Voice." What's his favorite part of the show? “We live in such a visual age, you know, but we still, we don’t buy videos we buy records so what does it matter what an artist looks like. What about, how about how they sound and how does their voice affect me and how does that song affect me. I love that this show is the first one that I have seen that basically go on just the sound of the voice first.”

Miranda Lambert wrote "Airstream Song" for her "Revolution" album, and became so intrigued by them that she owns three. One is along for the ride on her "On Fire" tour, one is fitted out as a bar so she and friends can hang out there when they visit her house, and one is apparently a spare. Hopefully Blake will discourage her if she decides to write a song about a jumbo jet...

Lee Brice is scaling the charts with his new song, "A Woman Like You." It's not a typical love song, as Lee explains: “It walks a very fine line, I always talk about it like, ok this is to the girls because the girls are gonna love it when a man, you know, ‘look I’d be looking for a woman like you.’ Boom. But I was excited because the guys kinda get to say some things, I don’t know they could actually say it in real life and get away with it because it’s written so perfectly that you have to say it just like that or it might not come out right from, from a guy’s, you know, a girl might get a little put off.”

Brad Paisley is a great musician, but he's also a very good artist. If you've seen one of his shows, you've seen his work - he does all of the cartoons that run on the big screen. He's seeing some of that artistic ability in one of his sons: “I’m already seeing a little bit of artistic, uh, artistic drawing ability in one of them, and yeah it’s like, I wonder if that’s what I would have done if I had never been given a guitar because I am a pretty good artist, you know, as far as drawing and there’s a lot of careers for that and it’s a fun way to make a living too.”

Sammy Kershaw turns 54 today, and tomorrow Ralph Stanley turns 85.

The tweet of the day is from Dierks Bentley: "could have leased a new bus a long time ago but I like buses, guitars, boots, etc with stories and character. happy 1 MILLION MILES GOLDIE!"