Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

Jason Aldean is totally in love with his new song, "Fly Over States." He shot the video this week at an airport just outside of Nashville, and says, “I remember talking from day one about that song and wanting to make sure it was a single at some point off this record and, um, you know, finally got to a point where you know we were able to put it out there, and um, which is cool. You know a song that’s been around that long and you finally get to put it out there and give people a chance to hear it and see what they think about it.”

Dierks Bentley's Canadian tour leg lent itself to some fun off the stage. Dierks is a huge hockey fan, playing in an amateur league in Nashville when he's in town. He hit the ice with the Calgary Flames after one of their practice sessions, playing a half-ice pick-up game and loving every minute of playing with the pros.

Eric Church is a devoted dad. Not only are wife and son on tour with him in a custom Airstream trailer, fitted out as a nursery, but he's been known to finish a show and walk straight offstage into a diaper change. Eric is fascinated by how quickly son Boone is picking up technology, saying “What’s funny is they love iPhones. They love iPads. I mean, it’s amazing that they’ quick that they’ll reach out and know how to spin a screen, or know how to’s, it’s unreal you know, at four-and-a-half months old that he can do some of those things. You know, I think back to the toys I used to have and we used to play with car keys [laughs]. You know? And now people got cell phones and iPads.”

Hank Williams Jr. kicks off the "Taking Back America Tour" next month in Florida. Along for the ride are Jamey Johnson, Chris Young, Josh Thompson, George Thorogood and 38 Special. Bocephus says the current state of America has inspired his songwriting: “Oh yeah! Oh Yeah. Remember, I was the one with ‘Don’t Give Us a Reason’ and ‘American Can Survive’? Yeah, things are looking up!”

Chris Cagle sings the National Anthem before the Nationwide Series DRIVE4COPD 300 in Daytona this weekend, and his face will be on Mike Wallace's Chevy.

They guys from Rascal Flatts were given the CRS 2012 Humanitarian Award yesterday in Nashville. They were recognized for their work for the American Red Cross, the childrens hospital in Nashville and other charities they support.

Rascal Flatts largesse extended to Sara Evans - they gave her a new Jeep yesterday as a thank-you for touring with them.

Lady Antebellum has the Billboard #1 on the country chart this week, and played a sold-out show last night in Nashville, where they brought some surprise guests Luke Bryan and Sara Evans onstage. Success can be crazy-making for some people, but not for Hillary Scott: “I think we’re all happier. I mean, I think we’ve always had a really close friendship from the very beginning, I mean with Charles and Dave knowing each other for years. But, I think we’ve seen each other grow and I know I can...I’ll speak for myself that I’m in a much happier place.”

Happy birthday to Steve Holy, who turns 40 today.

The tweet of the day is from Joe Nichols: "I'd rather set my head on fire and put it out with a toaster than watch another minute of Larry Crown. Need another Gump movie..."