Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

Miranda Lambert lives a dream tonight - she gets to guest-star on her favorite tv show, Law & Order: SVU. With her star just getting brighter, and with a tv-star hubby, Miranda says she's understanding "crazy" celebrities just a little bit more: “I understand now why sometimes people that get largely famous and sort of become a little bit weird—it’s not because—you get trapped in your own world just a little bit, you know? And I’m lucky that I’m in country so it’s not as bad, but, some of these big stars—you can’t walk down the street.” Miranda took a minute out of filming the video for "Over You" to thank her fans...

Rascal Flatts' new cd has a name - "Changed." Gary LeVox explains the title: “Actually, there’s a song on the album called ‘Changed,’ and it’s a really, really special song. And we thought the title of that song really captures what this new season in our career is, ‘cause everything in our professional career has changed. So this is a great way to start 2012 thought the title was appropriate.” The guys are working on a movie about their careers, and it features their individual stories.

With another American Idol season underway, the most successful Idol, Carrie Underwood, will again do some behind-the-scenes mentoring of the contestants. “You know, I always try to go and talk to them and mainly what I say is, of course, don’t take anything for know, for some reason, I think occasionally it can get to where people play the game a little too much and forget why they’re...why they’re in it.” This Sunday night, Carrie and Tony Bennett duet on the Grammy Award show on CBS.

It might have been Garth Brooks' birthday, but he's the guy who gave the biggest gift. Garth surprised longtime friend Allen Reynolds by renaming a Nashville recording studio in his honor. Jack's Tracks was the Music Row studio where Allen produced all but one of Garth's albums, along with recordings by Trisha Yearwood, Crystal Gayle and Kathy Mattea. Trisha told Garth, "It's your 50th. Dream as big as you want." Garth said there was nothing he wanted more than to see Allen, now retired from the music business, get the recognition he's due. Jack's Tracks is now known as Allentown Studios.

Congratulations to Kenny Chesney for another platinum single. "You and Tequila" has been certified platinum for over a million downloads. It's the second song from "Hemingway's Whiskey" to reach that lofty goal - "Somewhere With You" got there last year.

CMT Crossroads with Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler had nearly two million viewers when it aired live Saturday night from the Super Bowl Fan Jam in Indianapolis. If you missed it, it'll be on again several times this weekend.

Miranda Lambert is on Law & Order: SVU tonight and Dierks Bentley is on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The tweet of the day is from Jack Ingram: "Gonna hop in the beat up ford, drive 2 a record store, sit in the parking lot w/my iPhone & download Dierks Bentley's new cd "Home"!"