Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's Country Tidbits

Blake Shelton is still basking in the glow of having the winner on The Voice. Jermaine Paul gets $100,000 and a record deal, and Blake gets bragging rights. He also gets something else – a warm glow from knowing he helped a new friend get a great start: “Maybe I should try to remove myself from being so attached, but it’s hard to, you know? Especially whenever you’ve been in the rehearsals with them and you’ve had all these conversations with them that are about, you know, why they want to do this and that thing you know you’re friends with them and you’re talking to them all the time and see them and you want this for them as badly as they do.”

Lady Antebellum debuted their new song, “Wanted You More,” on The Voice this week and Charles Kelley says that the trio are getting more comfortable at opening up with each other: “What we usually write about revolves around love. We don’t know how to change the world. And, you know, we just write about love lost and love gained, and right now we’re all in a really great spot and...I don’t know, it just feels like we’re growing even closer as a band and becoming even more comfortable to talk about the things that...I don’t know, maybe on the first couple records, we wouldn’t talk about.” This is the 4th single from “Own the Night.”

Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” is blowing away all the competition and blowing up chart records. It easily lands in the #1 position on the Billboard Country Chart, selling more than any other country album in the first week so far this year. But look at the records she’s tied or broken: she’s only the second artist in Billboard’s 47-year Country Chart history to have their first four albums debut at #1. And she’s only the second country artist in history to have three consecutive albums debut at #1.

Tifton, Georgia native Kip Moore is having his life changed by the success of his first single, “Somethin’ Bout a Truck.” According to Kip, “As a teen, man, all you can think about is getting out ‘cause it’s just so slow paced and there’s nothing going on. You always try to look for fun and now my life is extremely fast paced and there’s always a good time around, so it’s a lot different for sure.”

Justin Moore and his daughter Ella were in their pool yesterday morning, enjoying a nice swim, when a critter surprised them. It was a critter with no shoulders and no legs – Justin says it was a copperhead he killed. Check out the picture he tweeted…yikes!

Carrie Underwood is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. 

The tweet of the day is from David Nail: “San Antonio Airport is like a freaking nursery this afternoon! Human birth control is what I like to call it!”