Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Brad Paisley's H2O II tour wrapped up over the weekend, and the pranks were flying. First, though, Brad replaced Edens Edge's door mat that he torched earlier this year. Sunny Sweeny launched pink flamingos and a toilet into the middle of Brad's set, and Brad and Scotty McCreery sent remote control water-gun trucks onstage to soak Blake Shelton while he played.

Jason Aldean's latest song, "Tattoos on this Town," seems like a straight-ahead ode to pride of place. The video premiers today, and according to Jason, “I think it’s gonna be something that’s a little different from anything we’ve done before with the way we kinda of tie it all in at the end. It starts out probably like you would think, you know, showing a young couple together, ‘carving-their-names-in-a-tree’ kinda deal. And then from there, it kinda takes you on a different path, I think, than people that listen to the song think it’s going to.” Watch for a patriotic slant, something Jason't proud of.

With seven kids between them, Sara Evans and Jay Barker had to have some house rules to keep their home a happy one. As Sara tells People magazine, "The kids love each other like Jay and I love each other. It just really works." To keep it working, here are the house rules: Keep it Cozy, Keep Things Organized, Keep Dinner Simple and Keep Sleeping. That last rule applies to letting Mom and Dad sleep until at least 10am on Saturdays.

Lady Antebellum was supposed to be on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday morning, but the segment was moved to this coming Sunday morning. Set your DVRs.

Dierks Bentley is part of Jimmy Fallon's tribute week to Pink Floyd. They're releasing two box sets this week, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon features a different artist each night performing a Pink Floyd classic. Dierks Bentley will sing "Wish You Were Here" Friday night. Other acts are Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, The Shins and MGMT.

Chris Young is on the Late, Late Show with Craig Fergson and Luke Bryan is on Access Hollywood.

Happy birthday to Lynn Anderson, who is 64 today, Olivia Newton-John, who turns 63 and Doug Supernaw who is 51.

The tweet of the day is from Miranda Lambert: "What did the gingerbread man step in? Cookie sheet!"