Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Next week, the Grammy Awards will be handed out, and there's one person up for Best Female Country Vocal Performance who is shocked - Gretchen Wilson. Her song, "I'd Love to be Your Last," wasn't even supposed to be on the cd, "I Got Your Country Right Here." Says Gretchen, “We listened to the mastered version of the record and we thought it was missing something.” She thought of a song played for her by Rivers Rutherford during a writing session, and decided it would be perfect. “It’s an acoustic guitar and a vocal and we put one cello part on it later,” she said of the simple recording. “I believed the lyric was all it took to make that song. It just tickled me pink to know that the lyric carried it all the way to a Grammy nomination. It didn’t have to be dazzling, and it didn’t have to have a bunch of reverb or 400 tracks on it or spend 12 weeks at No. 1 at radio. It didn’t even have to be released as a single. It just amazes me. I’m just so shocked and overwhelmed.” The Grammys will be handed out on Sunday, February 13th.

Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Keith Urban accompanied his wife Nicole Kidman. On the red carpet, they were bombarded with questions about their new baby girl. Nicole explained the name Faith like this: “We needed to have that through the whole pregnancy. That’s what it required was a lot of faith. Her name is Faith Margaret … People call her just Faith, but she’s actually Faith Margaret, that Southern double name. Margaret is my grandmother’s name. She had her last baby at 49, so she’s my inspiration.” Nicoles older children, adopted during her marriage to Tom Cruise, sent a basket of wonderful gifts for Faith Margaret, as well as for Sunday Rose.

Jay DeMarcus will be walking with a limp for a while. He was playing basketball Saturday and twisted it. No breaks, but no fun, either!

It's Superbowl week, and Faith Hill is busy prepping for her first CMT Crossroads appearance. The show will air live on Saturday as part of the Super Bowl Fan Jam, and features Faith and rock group The Pretenders.

Garth Brooks is throwing his hat into the Superbowl ring, teaming up with Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to host the February 5th "SuperCamp II" football and cheerleading clinic for kids aged 7 to 14. The event includes a VIP experience with both stars for all of the families and kids involved, and proceeds benefit Jason Witten's SCORE Foundation, Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids Foundation, Kids 2 Camp and the Jason Taylor Foundation. If you have deep pockets and a child in the age group, you can be part of it.

Dierks Bentley is in the studio working on his next cd, and as promised, hosted a live feed from the studio yesterday. It will pop back up all during the recording process, so serious Dierks fans might want to keep checking back in. There is no audio, though - Dierks doesn't want to spoil the surprise. You can watch him work, but not hear him work.

Remember the "fly across America" contest that Taylor Swift held around the release of "Speak Now?" She's posted video of the concert in New York at the airport, and film from the flight and all the rest of her crazy day.

Taylor Swift and Big Machine Records threw a big party in Nashville Friday night. Billed as "Heavy Metal at the Hard Rock" it was a gathering of Taylor's friends, family, bandmates and music industry executives. The heavy metal part? Big awards for the success of "Mine," and a plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America commemorating total shipments of more than 13 million records.

Didja miss The Band Perry on the Tonight Show? Here's the video, but the Tonight Show people make you sit through two commercials first...

Watch The Band Perry on the Ellen Degeneres Show today, Steel Magnolia on Tavis Smiley and the JaneDear Girls on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The tweet of the day is from Kellie Pickler: "If Kyle (my husband) doesn't tone down the snoring I'm gonna shove a tampon in his nose."