Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

From the "it had to happen" file, a teen has invited Taylor Swift to be his prom date. He did it in style, with a YouTube video of him performing her song, "Our Song," re-lyriced to "Our Prom."

Was that a hint about an upcoming baby in Keith Urban's liner notes on "Get Closer?" “I continue to be brought to my knees by this love of ours,” Keith wrote to Nicole. “I just want to be a better man, for you, and father for our heavenly Sunday Rose…all we need is faith.” And Faith was born just before the turn of the year. Hmmmmmm...coincidence?

Did you catch Martina McBride and Joe Nichols at last night's Steelers/Jets game? Martina sang the National Anthem and Joe performed during the halftime show. Pittsburg prevailed, and that's the third time Martina has sung the Anthem at a Steelers playoff game and they won, so she's 3 and 0. The Superbowl is on February 6th in Dallas, and will be Steelers vs. Packers. Keith Urban is part of the pre-game fun on Superbowl weekend.

Joe Nichols' video for "The Shape I'm In" is released today, and Joe included some of his heroes in the video. Meet the heroes and learn about The Survivor Foundation.

And maybe it was just what the team needed to get fired up for their victory yesterday - Thursday night in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brad Paisley was joined on stage by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for "I'm Still a Guy." Aaron was supposed to sing a line of the song, but had trouble hearing, so just started high-fiving people onstage. Later, Aaron and a whole bunch of other Packers hit the stage for the encore, "Alcohol." The Packers soundly beat the Bears yesterday afternoon.

The JaneDear Girls debut cd hits stores February first, but you can hear the tracks now on their Facebook page.

Joe Nichols' greatest hits package will be released tomorrow.

Happy birthday to Ray Stevens, who turns 72 today.

The tweet of the day is from Jewel, who gets extra credit for the creative hashtag: "Ok. Seriously. I am a writer. I swear. I will write. A song. I wont procrastinate watching another NCSI marathon. #pickupyourguitardamnit"