Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

While much of America is caught up in March Madness, Darius Rucker is kinda bummed. “Yes it’s very depressing having to watch the NBA. I wanna watch the NFL, but you know I watch football a lot and Super Bowl Sunday is happy yet sad day for me because you know it’s not coming back until August.”

Here's a mental sneak-peek at Carrie Underwood's amazing stunt on this tour - she flies over the audience in a pickup truck while singing "Take Me Home Country Roads." the John Denver classic.

They're not missing, but you will be seeing them on a lot of milk cartons soon. Gloriana will be on about 50 million milk cartons distributed to schools across America for the Milk Rocks! campaign. Kids are encouraged to sign up for the campaign and win a shot at a $10,000 scholarship, as well as tickets to see Gloriana in concert on Taylor Swift's "Fearless" tour.

He's supposedly been taking time off, but Kenny Chesney says he's been mentally busier than ever. Between the movie and writing songs and getting ready to record new music, he's wishing he was back out on the road so he can get some rest! By the way, Kenny wants to fly you to Vegas to see him play at The Joint. He's there in May, and again in July. The Joint is a small theatre inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where all seats are up-close and personal.

What's David Nail been doing with his time off? Taking batting practice with the St. Louis Cardinals. He's had private batting lessons with Mark McGuire, has his own uniform, and is even pretty psyched about how sore he was after his three days with the bigs.

Brad Paisley's just learned that his show in London sold out so quickly that now it'll be two shows. He's trying to learn the language, silly boy!

Justin Moore had a scare...his favorite guitar went missing. Actually, it was stolen at his show in Royal Oak, Michigan Saturday night. The Gibson J-45 sunburst was on the side of the stage, ready to be packed when some light-fingered Louie lifted it. It was missing for less than 8 hours - the thief caught a conscience and returned it. Justin says it's a good thing, too...he's already promised that guitar to daughter Ella, who he says is delighted that it's back home safe.

James Otto is getting a lot of questions about the name for their first baby. He tweeted, "No we haven't decided on a name yet. I wanna call him Otis if he's a boy. I have no idea why Amy objects." Otis Otto...I'm with Amy on this one!

Jimmy Wayne is still walking across America, but this weekend he took time out to do a show in Hiawassee, GA. Over the weekend, a new initiative was launched - Project - as a way for those who want to help teens in foster care make the transition to adult life smoothly. They're looking for street team members now, so if this sounds like you, your help is desperately needed.

Happy 7th anniversary to Brad and Kimberly Paisley.