Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

Brad Paisley had a rough landing Saturday night in Charleston, SC. It was the last night of the American Saturday Night tour, they had made it to the encore song and he was all fired up, running across the stage. He tripped and fell face down onto his electric guitar and the stage, but got back up and finished the show. Afterwards, he was taken to the hospital for a thorough going-over. Of course someone had a video phone recording...doesn't someone always?

In true Brad style, he tweeted and twit-pic'ed his way through the unusual evening.

At the Oscars last night, country music related movies did well. Sandra Bullock won the award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in "The Blind Side," where she co-starred with Tim McGraw. Jeff Bridges won Best Actor and T. Bone Burnett won in the Best Original Song category for "The Weary Kind." The movie "Crazy Heart," is the story of a down and out country singer.

Little Big Town's Jimi and Karen welcomed their son Elijah into the world on Saturday. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Mom and baby are both doing great.

Friday night, Martina McBride had a dream. She tweeted about it on Saturday afternoon, which is how I can be telling you about it now. She dreamed she was on an episode of CMT Crossroads with Linda Ronstadt. She said it was it was!. It also wouldn't be a surprise if Martina makes that dream come true.

Gary Allan's stalker-woes continue. Charges against Katherine Walker are still pending, and the case goes back to court on the 22nd of this month. She apparently went to his front door, and when he didn't let her in, she stalked him around town, going up to him and yelling and making a scene. In better news for Gary, he finally found a replacement for the vintage Gibson guitar that was destroyed in the tornado that trashed a country music festival stage in Alberta, Canada last summer. His "new" 1948 Gibson J-200 is nearly identical to the one he lost, but he says, “When you've been playing the same guitar since you were like 12, that's a lot like dancing with somebody else's wife."

Lady Antebellum is on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight.