Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jason Aldean’s new album, “Night Train,” comes out this Tuesday, and it’s been approved by nine year old Keeley and five year old Kendyl. Jason says his daughters know how to pick hits: “They’re pretty good! They’ve got a good ear for music, especially my oldest one she’s pretty sharp when it comes to pickin’ songs, so I don’t know if that’s trouble or not. I don’t know if she’s gonna wanna be in the music business or how this is gonna work, but yeah I typically run it by ‘em.”

From the “gosh, what a big surprise” department, it’s just been announced that Carrie Underwood will perform on the CMA Awards show. She’s also co-hosting the show with Brad Paisley again this year, and she’s getting used to the juggling act: “There’s so much going on and like hosting takes over everything else, so you really don’t even think about your performance, you’re more concerned about keeping the show running and no matter what happens after any of it it’s like, ‘Well, OK, gotta get back out there and introduce so-an-so.’” Gotta wait until November first to see how she handles it all again this year.

Taylor Swift released “I Knew You Were Trouble” yesterday morning, two weeks before her new album, “Red,” comes out. When talking about how the song came to be, she includes a “shame on me” for getting into the relationship in the first place, but doesn’t tell us who “Trouble” is. Oh, well…

Keith Urban’s latest Urban Chat includes Ryan Seacrest, and Keith shows just how much he’ll do for guacamole… 
Congrats to Edens Edge singer Hanna Blaylock on her marriage to Justin Wakefield. All of the band attended the small, quiet ceremony in their home state of Arkansas. 
Tonight is the premier of ABC’s “Nashville.” The plot features conflict between a waning country superstar and a newcomer who’s star is on the rise. Yes, there’s country music, but not in a Glee sort of way, according to the producers. They say the music is seamlessly integrated into the show. Also tonight, Dwight Yoakam is on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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