Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Easton Corbin released his sophomore album a week ago today, and “All Over the Road” debuted at #2 on the country charts. Easton doesn’t take something like that for granted: “I’m very thankful that I’m still out here doing what I’m doing. These careers you just don’t know – you could be here one day and gone tomorrow. Still could be you never know. So you just have to appreciate everyday you’re out there and thank the Lord for blessing you.” His latest single, “Lovin’ You Is Fun,” is inside the top 10 and headed for #1. If it gets there, it’ll be his third #1 song, joining “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It.”

Are you a Hunter Hayes fan? You can get a free copy of a previously unreleased song, “Light Me Up,” by visiting his Facebook page. Once you’ve liked the page, click here to be taken to the post with the download link.
Jana Kramer is making her first splash on the country music charts with the song “Why Ya Wanna,” but she says she’s encountered some resistance along the way: “You know, in the very beginning I was getting so criticized like, ‘Oh gosh, another actress coming into the country format.’ And I kept just saying, ‘You know what? When they hear the music, they’re gonna get it. They’re gonna understand that this is my passion that this is what I want to do and they’re gonna see that it’s real.” It is, and so are her acting chops – she’ll star in “Heart of the Country,” due out in 2013. This isn’t a TV project, like her previous acting work – this is a feature film and here’s a sneak-peek: 

Ethel Kennedy is very hopeful – either that, or that’s her standard answer to nosey reporter questions! A Boston Herald writer asked her if she hoped that her grandson Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift get married. She replied, “I hope so!” He went on to ask her if Taylor really bought the house across the street from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, and the Kennedy matriarch had the same response – “I hope so!”

Blake Shelton’s “Cheers, It’s Christmas” and Jerrod Niemann’s “Free the Music” are both out today.

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