Friday, October 26, 2012

Always wanted a place in New York City? You’re in luck – Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are selling their duplex, and you don’t have to worry about parking. The 3,248 square foot home has a vehicle elevator that will lift your car to your private rooftop parking. You’ll also get teak floors, custom cabinetry and a lovely view of the midtown skyline. And you’ll shell out just under $13 million to have it all. Meanwhile, Keith and Nicole will continue to raise their two daughters at their Nashville home. 

Yesterday Taylor Swift was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She’s been there a lot, and says that Ellen is one of her favorite talk-show hosts: “She’s one of the most amazing people, and I think she’s so good at what she does. She just makes people so happy.” Well, yeah, but she does like to make Taylor scream and squirm – check out the walk through Ellen’s Haunted Hallway… 

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In his early days in the music business, Brantley Gilbert and his band worked hard for every nickel, and sometimes needed more than they had. That’s how a car Brantley loved came to be owned by someone else: “I had a sixty-eight Mercury Cougar that we went flat broke and needed some equipment. We got rained on and we didn’t have insurance on anything. I loved this car and I sold it to a guy for $4,000. He told me that day that he’d sell it back to me whenever I wanted for $4,000. This was probably six or seven years ago. He wants twelve grand for it! [laughs] I talked to him a month ago and I am not going to pay him that much! He’s going to have to come down a little bit.” These days he spends most of his time on a tour bus, but he could probably figure out some car time. 
Luke Bryan is getting pumped about the CMA Awards next week, because he’s up for two major awards: Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year. He’ll celebrate, no matter what: “If we win it’ll be a big deal. You know, it’ll be an amazing night for me and we’ll have the time of our lives and enjoy it. And if I don’t, we’ll approach the year to try to make the best album and the best songs and kind of go from there, but for me it’s always enjoying this and celebrating nominations.” He’ll be performing on the show, so has a bit of distraction to help calm his nerves. 
Toby Keith shows us all how not to win an award: tell country fans you won’t show up, even though you’re nominated. Toby told a Country Weekly reporter, “Hell no, I ain’t showing up. I gotta go get a root canal that day, or something fun.” His song, “Red Solo Cup,” is nominated for Music Video of the Year, and the song’s success has surprised Toby: “I’ve got 80-million spins as a songwriter and it’s my only, I didn’t write this song, it’s my only song that’s ever got pop airplay to speak of. Ryan Seacrest made it the ‘Spring Break Song of 2012.’” 
Next Thursday night, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will host the CMA Awards show for the 5th straight year. Is that a record? Not even close – Vince Gill hosted the show for 12 years, so they have a ways to go. Speaking of Vince, he, Hunter Hayes and Keith Urban have been added to the list of performers for country music’s biggest night. The show airs live on ABC Thursday, November first. 
Montgomery Gentry released a four-song EP entitled Friends and Family, and it includes their new song, “I’ll Keep the Kids,” co-written by Eddie Montgomery about his divorce from his wife of 20 years, Tracy. 
Taylor Swift is on Katie with Katie Couric today.

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