Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Jason Aldean's song "My Kinda Party" is the ACC Network's theme song this year, and Jason's pumped. Not just because they're using his song...he's more practical than that. “I’m just hoping to get some free tickets out of the deal, man. Some sideline passes and, ya know, I actually rewrote, some of the lyrics and stuff to kinda fit what they’re doing with it and, ya know, it’s cool, ‘cause I’ve watched it and I’ve seen Brooks & Dunn and all those guys doing the same deal. Ya know, it’s cool that they want your music, ya know, that they want your song to kinda be that.” Each ACC game's television coverage will begin with a video montage set to Jason's music. In other Jason news, he had a #1 party for "Dirt Road Anthem" yesterday in Nashville.

Toby Keith's song "Made in America" is climbing the charts, and he's following in Trace Adkins' footsteps, trying to ensure that all of his merchandise is made in America. About the decision, Toby says, “It’s difficult to get everything American made. We try. It’s a mentality. You have to change your way of thinking to be American made and buy American made.” He goes on to say that even though it's tough, it's worth doing, for the future of our country, and Toby reminds us, “we could all do better.”

Miranda Lambert's musical taste is all over the board - Adele, Brandi, Beyonce...Merle Haggard? Yep, he's her musical hero, and according to Miranda, “I got to meet Merle Haggard. And most people don’t get to meet their heroes, you know? It’s very rare that people actually get to meet – face-to-face – their heroes and that was really, really special. I said like two-hundred words in 30 seconds just like ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ everything I’ve ever wanted to say to him. He signed my guitar, and he was so nice. You know, I was honestly scared to meet him because meeting your hero is like, ‘Well, what if they’re in a bad mood? And I’m crushed for my lifetime?’ But he was…he was awesome.”

Between concerts, the guys from Rascal Flatts are in the studio, working on an album. Jay DeMarcus has been tweeting about writing with his band-mates and working with producer Dan Huff. The project has no name and no release date, though it's targeted for a spring 2012 release.

Speaking of new releases, Mr. Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher, is the subject of a new book out. Entitled "Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher Story," it follows his rise to fame and life of faith, and of course includes discussion of his marriage to Carrie. Author Kim Washburn worked with Mike to get the tone and stories just right in the book that's available now.

If you or your favorite country guy likes serious country style, there's a new store to check out. Gary Allan and his styist, Renee Layher, have partnered to open a wonderland of men's country style in Nashville. "The Label" is on 12th Street in NashVegas and offers custom suits, shirts, leather jackets, jewelry and furniture. The shop opens tomorrow, and Gary says that's not a minute too soon. “I’ve worked with Renee a long time and I’ve always paid her to fly someplace to find my stuff, and it’s hard to find people that do really custom stuff just so that you’re not wearing something that somebody else is wearing, and still feel like it’s a flavor you want. Yeah, I feel like there’s a big hole for that here.” Road trip for a shopping session? On it!!

Rodney Atkins had a great time in East Tennessee last week. He taped a "CMT Origins" special, played for fans at Bristol Motor Speedway, was given the key to his hometown of Harrogate, TN and spent time at the Holston Children's Home, where he lived as a child before he was adopted. “This is such an honor for me,” says Atkins. “I will always be thankful for my upbringing and the opportunities my parents and this town afforded me. I will always remember the creek bed fishing, the long days at the ball park, as well as the hard knocks, but this town keeps a strong hold on my heart and I am honored to be holding the key to this city.”

Have you seen the video to Steve Holy's new song, "Love Don't Run?" It's the song...

Tracy Lawrence is out of legal hot water. He was charged early this month with disorderly conduct after he and a concert promoter got into it in a muddy backstage area. Tracy wanted his bus towed out of the mire, and the promoter took a swing or few, sending Tracy to the doctor for stitches in his face. According to Tracy's attorney, the charges were dropped because the evidence clearly "showed [Tracy] wasn't the aggressor and that he didn't do anything improper after he was punched.”

Jake Owens' "Barefoot Bluejean Nght" is in stores today.

The tweet of the day is from Jerrod Niemann, who appears to be taking a page from Blake Shelton's tweetbook: "Alright, don't touch my damn cooler unless you are a cooler DJ & know how to mix it up. I need a variety on my liver's dance floor."