Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Brad Paisley's H2O II tour has been romping around the country, with newcomer Brett Eldredge on board for some of the shows. This past weekend was his last show on the tour, so he
wanted to show Brad his appreciation for being included...and also maybe prank the prankmaster just a little bit. Brad's ride of choice is a Chevy Corvette when he's not on his tour bus, and Brett decided to give Brad a new 'Vette, complete with a "Paisley" license plate. Brett arranged to replace Brad's full-sized red Corvette with this sporty yellow one. But Brad didn't have to worry...his real 'Vette was nearby, plus now he has a special ride for his two boys.

Pranks on Brad's tour continued, with openers Edens Edge stealing the West Virginia doormat outside his tour bus and replacing it with an Arkansas Razorback mat. Showing his displeasure with the "gift," Brad lit it on fire.

Some artists are really open with their fans, including them in play dates. Case in point - Jake Owen, who tweeted an invitation for people to join him at the river yesterday. He offered to bring the boat, the wake board, beer and a towel. He even gave the exact address of the boat ramp so anyone who wanted to play on the water with him could be there. Wow...tha
t's a life wide open!

Luke Bryan was on the Today show yesterday, and took a special gift to Hoda and Kathy Lee. Beer for breakfast, anyone?

After the show, Luke must have had a clumsy moment, because he tweeted a photo of himself after getting some stitches in his forehead. He didn't offer up any explanation about how it happened, though.

John Rich aced Celebrity Apprectice, and has kept a video blog during and after his journey. Here's the last vlog entry.

While we're playing with videos, have you seen the one shot in Phil Vassar's back yard?

Congrats to Eric Church, who sits atop the Billboard Country Album chart again this week with his new release, "Chief."

Trace Adkins is on Chelsea Lately! tonight, and Jerrod Niemann is on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.

The tweet of the day is from Justin Moore: "Guys...chill. I'm the farthest thing from a Yankees fan. I said I'm at Yankee stadium, not go Yankees. GO BRAVES!!!"