Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

A teacher in Knoxville, TN, knew that Keith Urban likes to read signs that audience members bring to the show. Patty Sloan had tickets to his show, so made up a sign that said, "I told my class no more homework for the rest of the year if I had my picture made with you." Keith loved the sign, and Patty's wish came true, as did the wishes of her 4th grade class. No more homework for the rest of the year for them. Patty said afterwards, "Thank God I'm tenured!"

Blake Shelton is on a roll, with #1 albums and songs coming easily in the last couple of years, a new marriage to a beautiful and talented woman, plus a role on a top tv show. That makes people talk about other dragons he could slay, and the rumors are out there that he's going to start his own record label. In response to that, Blake says, “I can’t even balance my checkbook. At least once a week, I’ll have an accountant call me and go, ‘hey, did your credit card get stolen? Are you okay?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, why?’ ‘Ahh you’re overdrawn you know, two-thousand dollars. It says here you bought a bunch of corn.’ ‘Oh yeah, I had to fill up my deer feeders—I’m broke?!’…I don’t really see myself in the executive position.”

We won't be seeing Dierks Bentley on "Celebrity Apprentice," apparently. After winning last year, John Rich suggested that Dierks would be a great contestant, but with a new tour and kids at home, Dierks is bowing out. “I did get the call, which I was totally flattered to get. It’s just for me, at this time, where I am, I just, I’m really happy. I have, like, the road and the show and the fans and the music and the songwriting and the making records. That stuff brings you so much joy and happiness…a family and everything that comes with that. I’m good. I don’t need anything more right now.”

Have you seen the video for Martina McBride's new song, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It?" It's star-studded, featuring Robin Roberts, Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb and Sheryl Crow, all women who've either fought their own battle with cancer or have a close connection to someone who has. The video is a message of hope to cancer patients and their loved ones.

Ronnie Dunn has lived some of the lyrics to his latest song, "Cost of Living." He grew up moving a lot, as his dad chased jobs to keep his family fed. According to Ronnie, “You know, I went to 13 schools in 12 years. My dad was always out of work. I can remember times when…just not knowing where the next meal was gonna come from. One of the comments that one of the executives made when I was getting’ ready to cut the song was, ‘Hey, you’re too rich to sell that song right now.’ And I just lost my mind.”

Congrats to Luke Bryan, as his "Tailgates & Tanlines" debuts at #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart this week, and at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The first single, "Country Girl (Shake it For Me)" has been certified platinum for more than a million downloads.

Onstage in London, Brad Paisley's show was well-received, especially when the legendary Ron Wood took the stage with him. He and Darius Rucker joined Brad for the encore, and the legendary Rolling Stone guitarist and Brad swapped hot licks (on their guitars, silly!)

The tweet of the day is from Josh Gracin: "I hate when mean snotty ugly people say "I need my beauty sleep".... B!%*h U need to Hibernate!"