Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

Joe Nichols had a rough weekend. While flying Delta, he took along four guitars as checked
baggage. The airline lost two of them and apparently didn't try very hard to make Joe feel like they
cared or were doing their best to find them. He had a show Saturday night, and half of his guitars
were missing. He took to Twitter with his frustration, so it might have made him feel better...but it
didn't get his guitars back yet...

Trace Adkins spent three days on a movie set, playing a role in Matthew McConaughey's next move, "The Lincoln Lawyer." We won't see the results until sometime next year.

Meanwhile, Toby Keith's new cd, "Bullets in the Gun," will be released on October 5th. The first song, "Trailerhood," is climbing charts across America, looking like it could be his 20th #1 song.

Faith Hill has been doing some song-writing lately, though she's not saying when the resulting cd might come out. She's also waxing nostalgic about the vegetable gardens her folks always had, and is wanting to do something like that with her three children. Faith Hill, playing in the dirt? Don't be surprised, and you know she'll grow the tastiest, prettiest veggies ever.

Keith Urban is working on a project with Australian kiddie-supergroup, The Wiggles. He says, "Having a two-year-old, I'm not going to turn down the Wiggles." They're recording the Roger Miller classic, "England Swings."

Crib news for Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy, who are expecting child #2 in December. The sex of the new baby isn't known, but we do know that big sister Evie is excited to see her new sibling.

Dierks Bentley played an outdoor show in Raleigh, NC on Saturday night, and he posted before and after photos of his band.'s not just the heat, it's the humidity, too. Look at those soaking-wet shirts!

Reba spent all day Saturday in a photo shoot for her next cd. They did eight different set-ups, with
costume changes, hair and make-up changes for each one. She said it was a very long day but
tons of fun, and remembered back to the shoot for her very first album - one outfit, a couple of
rolls of film and they were done. Times have changed! Oh, and the cd? There are six songs finished for it so far, they're back in the studio today, and it should be out November 9th.

And Saturday was the day Uncle Kracker got back from his extra-long USO tour. He left the States just before July 4th to entertain the troops in Europe and the middle east.

Gretchen Wilson is the poster child - literally! - for literacy, teaming up with Dollar General Literacy Foundation and the Ad Council to encourage high-school drop-outs to get their GEDs. She got hers at 34.

Lady Antebellum has been dethroned by a Judge. "Need You Now" has been on top of Billboard's Country Album chart since its release in January. Not any more - Jerrod Niemann's debut cd, "Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury," landed in the #1 position on the strength of the single, "Lover, Lover."

As Jimmy Wayne nears the end of his walk across America, he's once again talking about doing more walking. Arizona to the west coast and Tennessee to the east coast, so he can truly say he's walked across the entire continent is his goal for 2011.

If you're a big Alabama fan, you should probably make plans now to be in Orlando on October 16 & 17. Full details won't be announced until Friday, but it looks like an Alabama reunion concert could be taking place there.

The tweet of the day is from Kellie Pickler: "Mandalay sent me some beautiful sparkly dresses to wear on the Rascal Flatts tour! Yip-eeeee!!! :)"