Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today's country tidbits...

The most played song of the decade goes to...Tim McGraw, for "Something Like That." It was played on the radio nearly half a million times between Jan. 1, 2000 and December 17, 2009. All the rappers and rockers had to settle for the lower rungs on the ladder - Tim's country song took top honors.

Tis the season for stars to share just a little bit more of themselves than normal. Martina McBride and her road crew made a YouTube Christmas card.

Here's a picture of Kellie Pickler and her new Chinese Crested puppy, Pixie. She's in Minnesota and spent yesterday shopping at the Mall of America. She tweeted that this is her first white Christmas ever, and she's excited.

And Brad Paisley shared a picture of someone's outdoor Christmas display...could it be his? He's not saying. He tweeted, “On Dasher&Dancer&Prancer&Vixen,Comet&Cupid and...hey where's Donner at Blitzen? Seen him? Anybody?"

Gary Allan's cd release has been pushed back a few weeks. "Get Off on the Pain" will be released on March 9th of next year.

American Idol finalist Danny Gokey will release his first album, "My Best Days" in early March of next year. He'll bundle up and sing the National Anthem in Green Bay, Wisconsin this Sunday before the Packers/Seattle Seahawks game.

Catch Darius Rucker on Good Morning America tomorrow, singing "Candy Cane Christmas."

Country star Christmas traditions:

Carrie Underwood's family always opens gifts on Christmas Eve, and has a big family dinner. On Christmas Day, Santa comes, then everyone watches football.

Brad Paisley is shopping today. He's a self-confessed very-last-minute shopper.

Alan Jackson describes his family Christmas as fairly traditional. The presents get opened on Christmas morning, after everyone sees what Santa brought.

Keith Urban's childhood traditions included going to the beach on Christmas, since the day occurs when it's summer in Australia. The kids would jump on their parents' bed to wake them, then they'd tear into the presents, grab breakfast and head for the beach to swim and surf.

Jason Aldean's family gathers at his house now, and Christmas Eve is a cook-a-thon. Jason says as long as someone makes sausage balls, he's a happy camper.

Trisha Yearwood enjoys a tradition that Garth and his girls started: a Christmas tree overloaded with ornaments. At first she thought it was a bit much, but now leads the shopping trips to buy more each year.

Dierks Bentley grew up in Arizona, where Christmas is never white and is often very warm. He remembers family outings in the desert with adults drinking beer and everyone riding four-wheelers.

Craig Morgan's family celebrates the entire 12 days of Christmas. Starting 12 days out, the kids get to open a present a night leading up to Christmas Eve, when they get to open everything that's left under the tree. Then Christmas morning, Santa comes, so there's even more to play with.

Josh Turner's Christmas traditions involve fishing, as he comes by that love honestly. Fishing, camping, frying turkeys and shooting off fireworks on Christmas Eve are some of his family's favorite things.

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