Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taylor Swift is on the cover of People magazine's Best of 2009 issue, and she's named People's Golden Girl of 2009. She spoke about her sudden, huge fame and she's quoted as saying, "You can stay the same person, even if everything around you changes. People know I'm not a party girl. I'm not hiding some dying urge to be out clubbing right now."

And Taylor has made Uncle Kracker famous with his own kids. She recently selected his song, "Smile" as her favorite song, saying that it can turn a cloudy day sunny for her because it's just that happy. Kracker's kids are huge Taylor Swift fans, and are now suitably impressed with what their Dad does for a living.

There's a Christmas gift waiting for you from Rascal Flatts. They recorded "Away in a Manger" and you can download it free here.

Blake Shelton spends much of his Christmas break from the road hunting. He takes his phone into the deer stand with him and has some colorful conversations on Twitter. Someone asked him what he was hunting with, and his reply was a Ford F250. Follow him at blakeshelton to join the fun. And speaking of Blake, his new song, "Hillbilly Bone," will be released on iTunes next Tuesday, along with a digital hits package called "Blake Shelton: Essentials." That package is only available for download for a month, so hop on it, Blake fans!

Garth Brooks is suing his hometown hospital to recover a half-million dollar donation he gave in 2005. His suit claims that the Yukon, Oklahoma facility promised to use the donation for a new building, which would be named for Garth's Mom, Colleen, who passed away in 1999 after a battle with cancer. A hospital spokesperson says they are optimistic that it will come to a swift and amicable end. Meanwhile, Yukon's mayor isn't too happy, saying the town has done a lot to promote Garth Brooks and maybe they should take his name off of street signs and the water tower. that the town promoting GB, or could it be the town riding on the famous guy's coat-tails?

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