Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's country tidbits...

Rumor alert - it sounds like Carrie Underwood and boyfriend Mike Fisher have gotten engaged. The rumor came from the Twittermill, apparently started by a friend of Mike's cousin. Hmmmm...

Keith Urban's Escape Together World Tour down under leg is all wrapped up, and he and Nichole will stay in Oz for Christmas and New Years. Nichole Kidman was direct with reporters, telling them that Nashville was now their home, not Australia, because they could have a much more normal life in Nashville. At least one of her Australia homes is on the market.

As if Taylor Swift isn't busy enough, dusting all of her awards and writing the follow-up to the biggest album of this year, word is she's being considered for a movie role. "Supergirl" came out in 1984, and Hollywood has deemed it time for a remake. Taylor's a strong contender for the lead role because she's already a positive role model for girls.

And the word is trickling out about why Brooks & Dunn split up - apparently they were having a very hard time agreeing on which songs to cut. Ronnie Dunn wasn't willing to compromise anymore on the songs he wanted to do, and it looks like we won't have to wait very long to find out what those songs are, as he's already over halfway way through recording his first solo album.

As is the case in our own lives, the children of stars grow up fast. Martina McBride's daughter Delaney turns 15 this week, and she can't believe her daughter is about to get her learner's permit. Wasn't it just yesterday that Martina was bringing her home from the hospital on Christmas Eve?

Kellie Pickler has a new traveling companion - a Chinese Crested dog. That's the small dog with hair only on it's head, tail and legs, so it sort of looks like My Little Pony. No word on a name yet.

Country Weekly's 15th anniversary issue is out today. Inside, the magazine chronicles the top headlines since its April 12, 1994 debut, features a hilarious hairstyle flashback and a rundown of the 15 most influential artists.

Brad Paisley posted a link on Twitter for the Christmas-impaired. If you need help getting into the holiday spirit, check out St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's Christmas card. Bet it'll put some holiday in your heart, too.

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