Friday, December 23, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Country stars were kids once, and have memories of Christmastimes gone by. Kenny Chesney remembers that he wasn't big on the Christmas pageant: “I think one time I held the star, you know, and did it behind them. You know, I didn’t…never did show my face. I was holding the star going through the night. That’s all I did. I remember doing that one year. But all my other buddies was Joseph and Mary and all that stuff. I never did, really, get out on stage that much. Never really did sing in the Christmas play and…no, I was pretty scared to get up there then!” George Strait's Christmases growing up included a lot of family: “At Christmas time, it was you know, we always kinda go together at my grandparents and had Christmas there. It was a lot of fun ‘cause you’d see cousins that you hadn’t seen in a while...gettin’ to spend a few days with them, and openin’ presents was just a lot of fun back then.” Miranda Lambert loves the holidays now, because she gets to take on a different role: “I love, love, love holidays. It’s my time to really be a girl. And I get really domestic during holidays. And it’s kind of weird ’cause it’s so opposite of who I am on stage. But I love to bake cookies and cook dinner for the whole family, and I have every decoration you can think of. I like to have a tree in every room, and I mean, I really…that’s my time to just get ultra-girly.” Eric Church is counting his blessings this Christmas: “This year, there’s not many firsts in your life, and you know, first child, first Christmas with him is certainly something I’m not gonna miss. We’re gonna be in North Carolina with my family. I just look forward to relaxing and enjoying our first Christmas at home, and I can’t wait, at the same time, to dial it back up next year, and we’re gonna take him on the road, so it’ll be his first tour! So, it’s gonna be a lot of firsts over the next year, and we’re just soakin’ it in and enjoying every one.” Justin Moore knows it's better to give than to receive: “I’m not really good a receiving gifts. I’d rather get somebody somethin’. Honestly, as crazy as it sounds, I really don’t like bein’ the center of attention, unless I’m on stage. That’s about it. But, I love Christmas, ‘cause I just like gettin’ together with family and, you know, now I don’t get to see my family a whole lot, so...I don’t like takin’ the tree down either, to be honest with you.” Darius Rucker loves his life right now, and can't wait until Sunday: “Christmas at the Rucker house is pretty laid back. You know, our kids wake up early...real early and open the gifts. And, we hang out at breakfast, go to church and come home and with toys and hang out and see family [that] comes by, or we go see family. And, it’s just a pretty normal, fun Christmas Day.”

Jason Aldean has had the most amazing 2011. About the year, he says, "It's been the most incredible year. I'm looking forward to some quiet time in the woods over the holidays so I can reflect on how much we accomplished and how grateful I am for all the support I've received from the fans and my peers in the music business."

Taylor Swift is very excited about something that's going to happen very soon, and she says it's not Christmas. She's not saying what it is, though, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Clay Walker is on the Rachel Ray Show.

The tweet of the day is from Blake Shelton, the Country Kidder: "Come on man its Christmas... Don't be insecure... Make the yuletide gay."