Monday, December 5, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

There's finally a release date for Tim McGraw's "Emotional Traffic" cd, which was turned into Curb Records in May, causing a lawsuit from Curb, who said he produced new music two months too early. The cd will come out on January 17th, and Tim is ecstatic: "I fought very hard for the release of Emotional Traffic ... it's an album full of music of which I am very proud. It's extremely unfortunate that it wasn't released earlier this year in conjunction with the Emotional Traffic tour, but all I want to do now is focus on the positive and look to the future. I'm really excited about the new music I'm recording. This week I'm putting out a holiday song I’ve just recorded called 'Christmas All Over The World.' After the first of the year I'll have a brand new single which I can hardly wait to share with everyone. I am so appreciative of the support I’ve received over the years, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter of my career."

While Keith Urban is on vocal rest, he's hanging out with Brad Paisley. According to Brad, “We’re big guitar junkies, and we wanted to get together and maybe go through some amplifiers and go through some gear. I told him, ‘Let’s do that. You don’t have to talk. We’ll get together. We’ll play guitar, set up some amps, go through some tubes, try some stuff out and tweak.’ I’ll do all the talking, which I am very capable of. He can just nod and grunt and do whatever he’s allowed to do.” Can't wait to hear the music that comes out of these few weeks!

Jason Aldean got three Grammy Award nominations, but will he go to Disneyworld to celebrate? Here's what he says: “I’m probably gonna go, uh...I may go into hiding for about the next month and a half. You know, I got two little girls at home – and eight-year-old and a four-year-old. So, this is my time of the year where I get to go home and be dad and kinda just hang out with them. So, I plan on probably doin’ a lot of that over the next month and a half.”

Darius Rucker heard about a big fan who is in hospice care in Illinois. When his tour stopped there, he arranged for her to attend the show and have a private meet & greet. 64-year-old Joyce Doyle said she would have the "best dreams tonight."

Mindy McCreedy and her son were found hiding in a closet at her boyfriend's home in Arkansas. Police took her son and made arrangements to get him back to his legal guardian, Mindy's mom, in Florida. No word on whether or not Mindy will face charges in the incident.

The American Country Awards are tonight on FOX, with Trace Adkins hosting and Toby Keith performing. A little birdie told me to expect some Alabama on the show, too.

Alison Krauss & Union Station are on the Tonight show tonight and Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" is on Glee tomorrow.

Happy birthday to Gary Allan, who turns 44 today.

The tweet of the day is from Justin Moore: "It was hard, but I just let a turkey walk past my deer stand. He best not come this way again. Heeeeerrrree big buck! Here buck, buck, buck!"