Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Last night, Brad Paisley thought he was innocently going to congratulate his friend Richard Blais. Brad and Richard have done some fund-raisers together, and so when Richard won America's Top Chef, Brad tweeted, "congrats @RichardBlais on being Top Chef! Glad I got to eat your grub when it was still affordable. You deserve all the best." Apparently much of Twitterland got upset because they had DVR'ed the show and he just ruined the ending. Brad, being Brad, let fly with a torrent of replies to the offended parties:

"So,I didn't post to @RichardBlais for like an HOUR after the show was over.Jeez,How long do U people think spoiler alert is necessary?A week?"

"And, um, just to give you the suspense back if you are waiting to watch it on DVR, Congrats Mike Isabella on being Top Chef!"

"& not to ruin more of the show for you,but how'bout that cameo from Chef Boyardee tonight on top chef?Boy was he drunk. And droppin F bombs"

"I gotta say the cage match between Boyardee & Uncle Ben was about as unexpected as the mud wrestling between Sara Lee and Mrs. Butterworth."

"Oh sorry, forgot, Spoiler alert."

If you're on Twitter and not following @BradPaisley, look at what you're missing!

Taylor Swift wrapped up her European tour in London with a surprise - she was handed a plaque celebrating 20 million albums sold worldwide. She was already wondering how she would get all of her souvenirs from this trip home, as she's been a shopping machine while overseas. Looking at the size of the plaque, she's got another big problem on her hands!

Leading up to Sunday's ACM Award Show, there's lots of online and interactive events planned. The red carpet event will be carried live on Livestream, and, with the hosts asking questions fans submit via Twitter at You can check out the ACM's Facebook page, where everything that's going on will be announced and/or carried there.

And pity poor Miranda Lambert - because Blake is co-hosting the show, that leaves her without a date for the night. She was very supportive about him taking the co-host job, but later said, “I didn’t think about I’m not going to have a date. It’s kind of sad. Um, I’ll probably just sit next to a random person. You know, whatever, a seat filler.” I bet Miranda could find a date if she really wanted to. Wonder what her Mom is doing Sunday night?

In more Miranda news, she covets Carrie Underwood's legs. She's asked by to spill 25 things we may not know about her, and one is that she wishes she had Carrie's shapely legs.

If you plan to be in Nashville for the CMA Music Fest, you need to get some Opry tickets for the Tuesday show right away. Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Jerrod Niemann and the Oak Ridge Boys will all be part of the Tuesday night show, with Jerrod also doing the free Opry Plaza Party that afternoon. There's also a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to the CMA Music Fest on the website.

Trace Adkins is weighing in on the disaster in Japan, asking people to text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the relief efforts. Said Trace, “That was unbelievable to see that wall of water goin’ across there and just wiping out everything in its path it was just unbelievable. But, we’re gonna help them out of course.”

More details on Zac's Outdoor Channel show are out today. The show premiers this Sunday, highlights the art of hunting and cooking in a hunt camp, and is entitled "Fear No Evil." Zac Brown hosts, with an assist from Chris Brackett.

Did you miss Dierks Bentley on the Tonight Show? Here he is with his new song, "Am I the Only One."

That story yesterday about Willie Nelson being offered a plea bargain in his pot case - pay $100 and sing "Blue Eyes Cryin' In the Rain" - is not exactly the way things will play out. The judge in the case, Judge Becky Dean-Walker, says the prosecutor was joking and that the joke got out of hand. That is not an acceptable plea in her eyes, and Willie can plead guilty by mail, not by showing up and singing. No word as to whether the $100 fine is what he'll actually receive.

Country Weekly is on the hunt for country music's hottest performers. Vote early, vote often but vote now - the poll ends on April 10th.

Lee Brice is on The Price is Right today and Thompson Square is on Conan tonight.

The tweet of the day is from Taylor Swift: "Liz: "Life is hard when you leave your stuff behind..." I reply with "and by 'stuff', you mean your half eaten bag of candy?" "Yeah.."