Monday, September 14, 2009

Last night, someone showed some class and someone showed his...well, it rhymes!

Last night, Taylor Swift was the only country artist nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. She and her mom were in attendance, and it was clear when her name was announced that she didn't think she'd win. She got started on her acceptance speech when rapper Kanye West appeared and took the mic from her. Even then, she was excited, thinking something special was about to happen. It was.

But not in a good way.

This particular rapper has a history of shooting off his mouth at inappropriate moments in award shows. He's done it before, and he'll probably do it again. But when he took over Taylor's moment to shine and basically told the world that Beyonce should have won, not Taylor, that was like kicking a puppy.

It also brought on a Twitter-storm of support for Taylor, plus a few oddballs who were on Kanye's side. Whatever - as Mom always said, "It takes all kinds."

The event got country stars to tweet their thoughts, too, and I've collected a lot of them here for your reading enjoyment. Just a note - I've left them as they were posted, profanity and all. If bad words offend you, you might want to skip reading the artist tweets.

The show ended like the fairy-tale ending of one of Taylor's songs: Beyonce won the big award of the night, took the mic and reminisced about how wonderful she felt when, at 17, she won her first MTV Video Music award, and then called Taylor back out onto the stage to have her moment to shine. Beyonce gave up her time for an acceptance speech so that Taylor could have that time.

Someone showed a lot of class, and someone showed his...well, remove the c and the l and you'll have the answer. And Nashville showed a lot of on:

KELLIE PICKLER TWEETED: Tator Tot, you handled yourself with Grace. Kanye, go grow some f-ing balls bitch! don't mess w/my lil sis!!

RANDY HOUSER TWEETED: Pretty much would love to get redneck on Kanye's ass right now. Classless

TWO FOOT FRED reminded us: 2 yrs ago Vince Gill put him in his place! He said you may be all that Kanye, but you never received a grammy from a Beatle. Please – run over him twice.

GLORIANA TWEETED: congratulations sweetheart! Keep ur head up. We love u!

JOHN RICH TWEETED: KanyeWest is a lowlife. He needs to have his @@@ kicked in the middle of the stage right now! What a piece of @@@@!!! Go T ...

HILLARY SCOTT OF LADY ANTEBELLUM TWEETED: I wish people knew when to keep their mouth shut! Love you T!!

LITTLE BIG TOWN TWEET: Seriously Kanye??? Your apology was almost as lame as what you did...classless! Kudos to Taylor...proud of you girl.

BRIAN BANDAS OF LOVE AND THEFT: Kanye when're you gonna figure out you're NOT the "voice of our generation?" No one thinks you're as awesome as you're convinced you are.

BLAKE SHELTON: Sorry y'all but we're just a little bit protective of Taylor Swift around here!! Hey Kanye.. By around here, I mean the world!! Moron....

JUSTIN MOORE: I'd like to kick the shit out of kanye west!

RANDY HOUSER: Interrupting someone like that. I felt like a big brother to her when that happened. Wanted to kick his teeth in

JAMES OTTO: Kanye West. Is anyone surprised? It's a character issue. His is deeply flawed. He's made an ass out of himself many times.

JOSH GRACIN: Tired of Kanyes actions and then apologies.His latest stunt was uncalled for!I'm proud of u Taylor!The way you represented country music

REBA: So proud of Taylor winning last night at the VMA's!!!! Way to go girl!!!!! Lesson to all of us to keep a firm grip on the microphone ...

JOE NICHOLS: I guess Kanye gets off on picking on little girls. I guess that's part of his small man's complex. I wish I would have won an #MTV VMA. Kanye would be missing some teeth if he pulled that shit on me.

LUKE BRYAN: Just deleted my one kanye song off my ipod. Go Taylor and Conway Twitty. Boo Kanye Titty

BRAD PAISLEY: Poor shy,so humble,such a class act.what doesn't anyone like him?I mean come on! Just kidding of course.he's a total ass.

RASCAL FLATTS' JOE DON ROONEY: It's equally sad that one day he'll be remembered for his reticent remarks rather than his music! That is if he'll be remembered at all! JD

RASCAL FLATTS (unsigned-probably Joe Don) Kanye West means nothing! Everything he says is calculated & never wise......ever! I'm proud of Taylor for being such a strong young woman!

In the end, Taylor will win, because she'll probably write a song about it and make another few million bucks. Taylor, no one can take away your moment unless you allow it. Revel in the win, enjoy the trophy, and don't give the jerk another single thought. That way, you really win!