Friday, September 18, 2009

It's the time of the year when the major country music tours are wrapping up. Kenny Chesney's tour wraps this weekend, as does America's Toughest Tour, with Trace Adkins and Toby Keith. Hope you got to at least one good country concert this summer so the memories of it can carry you to next summer.

Fall is about to officially start next week, and with it, cooler weather, county fairs and lots of football. High school football is a rite of passage for high-schoolers, and there are a lot of parents who continue to go to the games long after their kids have graduated and headed off to college. The reason? It's at least as much about community as it is about the games. It becomes another way to connect with neighbors, share experiences and feel good about where you live and the people you share your life with.

No matter how you spend this weekend, spend some of it connecting with the people who are important in your life. And if you can do that at a country concert or a local football game, so much the better.