Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, the Taylor vs. Kanye mess is winding down, as he apologized and she accepted. That Taylor is a class act, who, by the way, is growing up and about to move into her first home - a condo. Bet she'll have better furniture in hers than I had in bout you?

Wanted to entertain you with a bit of w
eird news -A Kansas couple in their 40's decided to have a "romantic moment" in a dumpster. Two crooks, one 50+, one 60+, decided to take advantage of their distracted, semi-naked state and stole their shoes, jewelry and wallet. The suspects were caught quickly, stolen property returned, but no word if the couple also faces charges. This story is so wrong on so many levels won't your Wednesday be better now that you have that story in your head? Happy day!