Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Blake Shelton is featured in the current issue of US magazine, talking about how Miranda Lambert has changed him. Saying he wouldn't take back one single thing he did in his wild, drinking-til-7am-pizza-for-breakfast-at-noon days, he says, “Now if I want to go drinking, I only want to sit at the house with Miranda watching ‘Snapped’ on TV at home. She really is that rock for me and the center of all of this.” Awwwww...! And this just in - confirmation that all four judges from The Voice will return for season 2. Online auditions are going on now for the show, which will tape late this year or very early in 2012.

Trace Adkins spent yesterday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, helping to raise money and awareness for the preservation of endangered Civil War battlefields. He's working with The Civil War Trust in its mission to protect endangered sites and to promote education and tourism for them.

The video is out for Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet's "Knee Deep."

Brad Paisley's music is featured in the new Cars 2 movie, and one song, "Nobody's Fool," is a very bluesy track. According to Brad, “That kind of thing is really fun for me, and it’s especially good timing because I just released what I would consider my ‘countriest’ album. So it’s not like somebody can see that and say, ‘Well see? He’s leaving!’ I’m not leaving. I just happen to be able to get away with things like that every now and then, with the right opportunity.”

If you've been on the sidelines for much of the Taylor Swift phenomenon and wondered how she's managed to garner such a host of rabid fans, she posted a blog yesterday that will help you understand why people love her like they do. Take a minute and read it...unless you're totally convinced you never want to even like her. If that's the case, then don't read it, because if you have even half a heart, you'll give it all to her after reading this blog post.

Congrats to Toby Keith, whose Bluebird Cafe benefit concert raised $20,000. That's an astonishing number when you consider that the venue's seating capacity is only 100 people!

Up and coming country singer Bradley Gaskins, whose song "Mr. Bartender" is climbing the charts, is excited about finally breaking through. Why? His dreams for his dad. According to Bradley, “It’s the first single that I’ve ever had to reach country radio. And it’s really crazy for him now, ’cause before that, he said, ‘Boy, I’m gonna give you this drywall job and let you have it,’ and I said, ‘Dad, no offense, but I don’t want it because I’ve seen it beat you down, and I’m gonna try to retire you someday.’ And I said, ‘So I’m gonna try to make it in the music business.’” Now that's incentive!

Happy birthday to Michelle Wright, who turns 50 today. It's also the anniversary of the birth of the late Keith Whitley. He would have been 56 today.

The tweet of the day is from Blake Shelton: "Oh hell.. Woke up and read that I signed up for Season 2 of The Voice... Damn you Bacardi!!! I was going to retire!!!!"