Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Willie Nelson turns 78 tomorrow, and he's been making music and touring for nearly all of his life. Will he ever retire? Probably not - according to Willie, “Oh occasionally, when you’re out for six months and haven’t had a break and you’re looking at the calendar and there’s not one there for a while and you start thinking, ‘Well maybe when this one’s over I’ll consider it.’ But I never have done it. Usually I’m off a few days and I’m ready to go back.”

Reba and Blake Shelton are teaming up for a Tornado Relief Concert on May 26th in Oklahoma, to benefit the Tushka Disaster Relief Fund. Tornadoes and thunderstorms caused half a million dollars in damages to an area near and dear to both Blake and Reba. Said Reba, "A lot of people lost a great deal in this disaster, and it's particularly close to us because we both consider Oklahoma home. We wanted to do something and let the people in Oklahoma know that we love them and we're praying for them during this difficult tragedy." Can't be at the show, but want to help? Text OKGIVE to 27722 to donate $10, or mail your donation to Tushka Disaster Relief Fund, 101 SE 1st St., Tushka, OK 74525.

Dierks Bentley likes to prank his opening acts, but Miss Willie Brown decided to beat him to the punch. Oh, dear...they've declared war, I fear...

Dierks Bentley wasted no time in pranking them back, stuffing 480 beers into every orifice on their bus - toilet, sinks, cabinets, zippers. He did tweet "prank or gift??!"

John Rich says that this Sunday's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" is being called "The Wrath of Nene" and he thinks it's a pretty accurate title. Says John, "It gets so out of hand, Star Jones actually calls in her own personal security to follow her around and keep her out of harm's way." We'll have to watch to see who gets fired, and it's only a few weeks until we find out who the new apprentice is. May 22 is the finale and all of the contestants will be on that show.

Didja miss Darius Rucker on the Today show this week? Here you go...

And here he is on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...

Tomorrow in Nashville, more than 30,000 runners shoe up for the Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon. Their reward for finishing? Montgomery Gentry in concert. They'll headline the post-race show.

Steve Earle is on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight and John Rich is on Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night.

Happy birthday to Willie Nelson tomorrow, and Tim McGraw and Ty Herndon on Sunday.

The tweet of the day is from Blake Shelton: "I'm so drunk right now I just threw my T.V. at the remote..."