Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's Country Tidbits

Well, looks like rumors of Taylor Swift buying a house in Beverly Hills were true. Settlement papers show that the person who attended the closing and signed all of the paperwork is none other than a business manager known to work for her. The three bedroom, 3.5 bath house is in the 90210 zip code, sits on about an acre and a half and has a small guest house on the property. Here are the real estate flier photos for the house...

Must be nice to be able to afford a $3.5 million house at any time in your life, much less when you're just 21. Good for Taylor!

While the world holds its collective breath waiting for the Royal Wedding this weekend, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are focused on their wedding on May 14th. Specific details haven't been shared, but Miranda's not sweating any of those details, either, saying “Everything’s done pretty much except little details that I’ve, you know, been thinking of at the last minute. But I have a great planner because I couldn’t have possibly done it without her.” She goes on to say that the little details don't really matter because she's found the right man and that's the truly important part.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were married Friday night at a private, surprise ceremony in Malibu, California. The two invited their closest family and friends, telling them it was an engagement party. Everyone was surprised when a wedding ceremony happened instead, and made the event a wedding reception instead of an engagement party.

John Rich survived another week of Celebrity Apprentice as the men's team beat the women's team and La Toya Jackson got sent home. John was the project manager and sang the praises of rapper Lil Jon: “Lil Jon is one of the smartest dudes. I know he’s got the gold teeth and he’s a rapper and all that but that’s just part of his schtick, you know. That’s what he does. But, in real life he’s a very successful business guy and marketer. This guy is no joke. And, he and I are becoming really good friends actually.” Wonder if Lil Jon will join the Big & Rich tour this summer? Wouldn't surprise anyone, that's for sure!

Tim McGraw and Curb Records, his long-time label, are at an impasse on the release of his next album. "Emotional Traffic" will be his last on Curb, as he's made clear, and he says the album is done and the label has it. The label is apparently hanging on to Tim for as long as they can, as there's still no release date for the record. Nevertheless, Tim is on tour through August in support of the project.

Blake Shelton knows when his next album will be out - July 12th. It will include his latest song, "Honeybee," which is the fastest selling song every by a country male vocalist. Blake's new tv show, "The Voice," kicks off tomorrow night on NBC.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has a new exhibit: "Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power." Featured in it is Faith Hill's Versace outfit worn during a Thanksgiving special in 2000, Loretta Lynn's pink gown worn during the "Portland, Oregon" video and Taylor Swift's handwritten lyrics for the song "Change." The exhibit opens May 13th and shows how women have influenced music from the early 1900's to the present.

Jake Owen is on a roll - his new song "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" sold 20,000 downloads in its first week of sales, which is a really good number. To what does Jake attribute the song's success? A great song: “Literally two days after I heard it, I went in and recorded it. And it was cool. Organic. We tracked the whole rest of the record with great musicians and great players but that song we did it ourselves.”

Congratulations to Colt Ford, who collected platinum and gold certifications for digital downloads of singles and albums, respectively. That's a million songs sold and half a million albums. Nice hit!

And Jerrod Niemann has his second gold single in only 8 months. First to go gold was "Lover, Lover" and now his second song, "What Do You Want," has also sold half a million units. According to Jerrod, “Man, you know I’ve dreamt my whole life to have this opportunity. So really, everyday really doesn’t feel like a vacation or anything but it’s like I don’t really care for any time off. I mean, I’m sure I’ll change, probably eat those words.”

Happy birthday to Glen Campbell, who turns 75 today, and Kellie Coffey, who is 40.

The tweet of the day is from James Otto: "As it turns out the Easter Bunny left no eggs for me.......just brightly colored rum drinks. Thank you Easter bunny!"