Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are taking some of their folding money and putting it to good use. They're among a bunch of stars who've pledged $50,000 a year for the next 5 years to go to re-building Haiti. Keith and Nicole's contribution will help to build a school near Port au Prince, where the school kids will get one hot meal a day, clothing, and all of their medical needs taken care of.

How do you make Keith Urban blush? One young fan did it by asking him what he got Nicole for Valentine's Day. The truth was lingerie, but apparently Keith didn't want to share that detail.

Perhaps taking a page out of the Garth Brooks playbook, Tim McGraw is working his concerts around his daughters' school schedule. Most of the shows up until summer are on the weekends, and on days when his daughters are in school, he doesn't leave the house until 4 or 5 in the afternoon, flies to the venue, performs and then flies back home to see them off to school the next morning. And quietly, he's donating to charities in each of the towns he plays. In Omaha, that charity was Ted E. Bear Hollow, which helps counsel children and families in the wake of a tragedy.

A Scottish Terrier won it all at Westminster Kennel Club's dog show last night, but in the country star competition, Vince Gill beat Garth Brooks. Vince's dog also failed to win Best of Breed but did take an Award of Merit in the Welsh Springer Spaniel competition, meaning that he did better than Garth's Greyhound, who won no ribbons. Wonder if there was a friendly wag
er involved, and if so, what Vince won?

Blake Shelton hosted a live chat and performance on Facebook last night, and is very excited about releasing six packs of songs instead of full albums. That way, he says, he can get more new music out to his fans sooner. The acoustic performance was amazing.

Jake Owen is spending some time with his twin brother, and though no one's talking about how it happened, Jake somehow managed to get a nasty gash right between the eyes yesterday. He
says he just put some superglue on it and walked the pain off, but my guess is that there were stitches, and maybe even a plastic surgeon called in.

Easton Corbin's "A Little More Country Than That" is the single of the week on iTunes, meaning you can go and download it this week for free. While you're there, you can also pre-order his debut cd, which releases on March 2nd, for only $7.99 and get a bonus acoustic track. Great deals...grab em!

Told you about a month ago that Willie Nelson had signed with Rounder Records and had new music on the way. Details of the launch for "Country Music" are coming out, and it's a big plus for Willie. The cd will release on April 20th, and in addition to all of the regular music outlets, Starbucks will stock it in all of their kiosks for a month. Nice exposure for a nice guy!

A little birdie has tweeted that Kenny Chesney will team up with Steve Miller for an upcoming episode of CMT crossroads. The session will tape in March and premier later this year.

Rumors are flying that Darius Rucker will be the new musical director on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno when it resumes in March. There's a bit of truth, but not the Darius part. The current musical director, Kevin Eubanks, is leaving the show after 18 years, saying he's ready for something different, so the part about a new musical director is true. What's not true, according to Darius' publicist, is that it will be Darius. Nope...not true. Darius apparently hasn't even been approached by Leno's people about the position. Where do these rumors get started?

Josh Thompson is on the charts now with his first hit song, "Beer on the Table," and he compares being a music star to working in his family's concrete business: "I haven't slept in my bed since October. It's just that constant travel and like constant meetings and you've got to be here and you've got to do this. It's just a different world."

In spite of taking a wrong turn and having to back-track 70 miles, Jimmy Wayne made it to Oklahoma yesterday on his Meet Me Halfway walk.

In case you missed the total giggle-fest that was Kellie Pickler visiting the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday, catch it now, if you have about six and a half minutes and a desire to laugh.

Brad Paisley is on Jimmy Kimme Live tonight, Jewel is on Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow, and Lady Antebellum will be on the Oprah show this Friday.