Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

It's Superbowl weekend, and country artists are as excited about it as the rest of America. No word on which jersey - if any - Kenny Chesney will wear when he shows up on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown. He's great friends with the coach of the New Orleans Saints, as well as with the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Trace Adkins feels that it's the Saints' season, and that their win is destined. He says he's been thinking a lot about destiny in the past year. Rascal Faltts are also rooting for the Saints. Meanwhile, Darius Rucker will be watching, but will feel like a kid at Christmas after all the gifts have been opened. He points out that after the Super Bowl, the football season ends. And Carrie Underwood is already in Miami, where she and Queen Latifah have been rehearsing together. Carrie will sing the National Anthem and Queen Latifah will sing "America the Beautiful," but apparently they both got together for a rousing rendition of "Pants on the Ground!" A video hasn't hit YouTube as of this writing, but I'm looking for it for you!

George Strait and Reba are on tour together, and they're using George's stage set-up, which is in the center of the arena, so fans are on all sides. Reba says it took some getting used to, since she has always used the standard stage-in-front-of-audience set-up. Turns out she likes it, so it could be a feature of future Reba tours, too.

If you are a fan of good writing, cheese and/or Sugarland, you have GOT to read Jennifer Nettle's blog post, "Stalking the Cheese Monger."

And speaking of Sugarland, they've just announced details of The Incredible Machine tour, kicking off April 23. Not all of the dates are there yet, but the city list is available. And Jennifer says not to go to the show if you expect to sit on your a double curly letters all night, because you won't be able to. She's promising a very high-energy show.

Martina McBride spent yesterday shooting the video for her latest song, "Wrong Baby Wrong." The last scene takes place in a bar, and Martina tweeted, "That's my kind of video!"

A tv special is going to tape in April, and will feature Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Lionel Richie and Wynonna. It's called "Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years" and will tape at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. Tickets to the taping go on sale next Thursday.

Keith Urban is on the cover of the People Magazine country music special edition. Check out some behind-the-scene shots and info.

A tweet from Gloriana, on tour with Taylor Swift in Australia: "Australian coffee shop lingo lesson of the day: a "coffee" is actually a latte, a "tall black" is actually a coffee." Good information, in case we ever go to Australia, huh?

If you missed Tayor Swift's Grammy-cam footage on the Ellen show yesterday, see it here.

Tomorrow morning on CBS's "The Early Show," Wynonna will be performing live. She'll sing her hits from near where the Superbowl will be played on Sunday, and there's supposed to be a very special announcement during the show. Look for it to include Wyclef Jean and be about Haitian relief efforts.

Happy birthday today to Sara Evans, and to Garth Brooks, who celebrates on Sunday.