Friday, November 27, 2009

Today's country tidbits...

What did some of your favorite artists do for their Thanksgiving yesterday? Tim McGraw says that he and Faith have the same sort of day that most people do - they either travel to relatives' homes or have everyone over to theirs. Taylor Swift spent the day with her Mom's extended family, mostly women, who Taylor says "have this genetic cackle, and they stand in the kitchen and it's the loudest sound. It like breaks sound barriers. It's like out of a movie." Lee Ann Womack enjoyed eating her hubby, Frank Liddell's cooking, saying he's an amazing cook. Blake Shelton confesses that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, because it happens in the fall, which is his favorite season, and involves eating a lot of food, and he really chowed down. Chris Young said the family always splits up - women inside, talking, men outside, shooting. Martina McBride just loved spending a no-stress day with her family.

On the strength of his new song, "Everywhere I Go," Phil Vassar has moved up the release date of his next cd by two months. "Traveling Circus" will be out on December 5th, about two months earlier than planned. Phil produced all of the music himself, he uses his road band on it, and his friend and high school art teacher Jason Erwin painted all of the album art. He and Kenny Chesney co-wrote one of the tracks, "I Will Remember You," and the cd also includes "Bobby With an I."

What did Tim McGraw think of working with co-star Sandra Bullock? He said, "She's just a very cool, friendly, down-to-earth person. For me, she always reminded me of like my best friend's little sister." He also enjoyed being clean-shaven for the part, removing his trademark goatee. He said the maintenance time was less and the chore of shaving was much easier. If you haven't seen "The Blind Side" yet, take a break from shopping today and go see it.

Carrie Underwood was named one of the best-dressed people of the week in People magazine for her new, shorter hairdo and the beautiful blue dress she wore at the AMAs last Sunday.

Kenny Rogers kicks off his annual Christmas concert tour tonight in Louisiana, and will be on the road until December 23rd. He says, “I’ve always loved this season, because people, in general, are truly different. Look around . . . they smile more, they’re more gracious and generally seem happier.”

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