Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a great day in the country!

Welcome...I'm so glad you stopped by! Please poke around the site, read the Tell Me Something Good page and the Just for Laughs page if you need a little perking up today, or if you're already pretty perky, email me some stuff to go on those pages to help other people have a great day!

For years, I've had what my Dad calls "the best scam going"...I have talked for a living. Being on the radio is a wonderful profession, because it puts me in touch with people I would otherwise never meet: listeners from all over the country, from all walks of life. What we share is the love of music, specifically country music, and one thing I've learned is that those who love country music share some other attributes: love of country, a positive outlook on life most of the time, a desire to laugh, and a respect for the rights of others.

This site is designed to connect country music lovers on all of those levels, and is meant for you to be part of, not just for you to visit. Got a great joke? Please share it. Had something wonderful happen to you today? Email me, and tell me about it. Got a video camera and want to Tell Me Something Good for the next video? That would be wonderful...thank you!

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