Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Zac Brown throws a party, you never know who will show up, but you know it’ll be good. If you’re heading for Nashville this weekend for the Zac Brown Band & Friends Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, prepare to be blown away by Zac and his boys, along with John Mayer, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Greg Allman, and Sheryl Crow. Will there be surprise guests? Does the sun rise in the east?

Dierks Bentely has been reunited with an old friend – his truck, “Big White.” If you saw the “5-1-5-0” video, you saw what they did to the poor truck – mud all over it, inside and out. It was fun for the video, but ever since then, Dierks has been missing “Big White” because of scheduling issues: “We’ve been gone the whole summer – it’s been flying in and out. There’s just not been time to pick up the truck. So, I just got it back and it’s all cleaned out. It’s better than it ever looked – it’s actually better than it ever was. That video shoot is the best thing that ever happened for that truck because once he started cleaning it, he started fixing antennas, side mirrors, my rearview mirror and put the armrest back on – put the stereo back where it’s supposed to be and fixed my air conditioning. He just went to town on it.”

Luke Bryan had a party in Nashville this week, celebrating the #1 success of “Drunk on You.” Since it’s his fourth #1 song, are the parties still as special? “You never get tired of celebrating number ones. It’s pretty cool stuff. ‘Drunk On You’ is such a, a kind of a career changing song for me. It’s such a big, big, big song when we see it every night out there on the road. It’s pretty amazing getting to do it and watch everybody’s reaction.”

Little Big Town covers a Lady Gaga song in concert, and they get an odd reaction when they introduce it: “People in the crowd are like, ‘Whaaaaat? I’m gonna get me a beer!’ But, then...we turn them right around! It’s fun. It’s fun. Bluegrass makes people happy, so we turn this Lady Gaga song into some good ole bluegrass.” They worked the song out last night on CMT’s Unplugged – if you missed it, here’s a concert version…

Martina McBride fans, rejoice – “The Essential Martina McBride” comes out October 22nd. The double-disc set includes all of her hits, plus a favorite or two of hers. She’s performing in Switzerland this week and returns to the US leg of her tour on September 28th at the Ryman.

Brad Paisley is a guest vocalist and guitarist on Colbe Caillat’s Christmas album, due out October 23rd. And there’ll be new music from Brad this week from his upcoming album. We don’t know the name of the song, the album or the release date, but should have at least a song before the weekend.

He won American Idol, but he’s just a college freshman, like all the rest. Scotty McCreery has taken up residence in the dorm at North Carolina State. Scotty’s decorating like a normal college kid, too: “I got a few posters in my room like a big blue marlin poster that Guy Harvey sent me. I got that beside my bed. I got my big Rocky poster above my desk, so anytime I’m feeling a little down on paper I can just look up and say, ‘Come on, get going like Rocky!’ So, little stuff like that.” Unlike most college freshmen, Scotty McCreery has an album coming out on October 16th – his first Christmas album.

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