Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Would you work for $15 million less than a co-worker? Apparently Keith Urban will – he’s signed up to be an American Idol judge, making between $3 and $4 million for the 12th season of American Idol. Maria Carey will be paid $18 million and Nicki Minaj, if she signs, will make $8 million. Brad Paisley was asking $8 million, but producers wanted to trim the budget, apparently, so Keith was the choice. Season 12 kicks off in January of 2013. And he’s not giving up on music – Keith’s working on songs for another album, and loves being part of country music and country radio. Asked about the first time he heard one of his songs on the radio, Keith reminisces, “It was awesome! I was in a place called Tamworth, which is sort of the capitol of country music in Australia, at least for one month a year when they have the country music festival down there in January. And I was in the hotel getting ready to go and play a show, and I heard my single, my new single, on the little clock radio in the room, and just, gol’ man…what an amazing feeling!”

The Band Perry is on the road with Brad Paisley, and this week one member, Neil Perry, is featured in Country Weekly magazine. The article is less about the band’s music and more about Neil’s love of photography: “[Neil] I love taking photos and actually for this second album I’ll be heavily involved in kind of the artwork for the album. And Kimberly and Reid can attest to it, I take pictures all the time. I think I annoy them sometimes. Hopefully they won’t get some kind of contract I’ll have to sign every time I use a picture of theirs. [Kimberly] Approval processes will have to go into full effect.”

Carrie Underwood will be a Nashville Predators fan for at least a couple more years, as hubby Mike Fisher extended his contract with the hockey team. Carrie likes the sport, but worries about Mike’s injuries, especially since he doesn’t talk about them much: “I always find out through, like, team people and stuff like that. And they’re like, ’How’s Mike’s shoulder?’ and I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with his shoulder?’ or like, ‘What happened?’ When he fights, which is rare, but it does happen, I’m like, ’Get him, Baby! Get him! Punch him! Hurt him!’ I yell. And I don’t enjoy it, but I know he can take care of himself.”

Lady Antebellum is in the studio working on their 4th album. Here’s a peek at the surroundings, in case they give you any idea of the flavor the trio is going for. Deer heads and Christmas lights? Hmmmmmm…..

Justin Moore’s new song, “Til My Last Day,” is a love song, but sometimes the audience isn’t feeling the love – fights break out while Justin sings it! “It’s crazy when we shot the video, part of its live, and we shot it in Wichita, and during that show, the same thing happen. It’s the first love song we put out so people are reacting in a ridiculous way to it I guess. I don’t know.”

Randy, Randy, Randy – Randy Travis is under scrutiny again this year, for the 4th time. First he was found drunk in a church parking lot, then he was found naked and drunk in the middle of the street, his wrecked car nearby, then he was cited by police for an argument over a woman that happened in a church parking lot, and now a truck he owns has been impounded after being found overturned behind a Walmart in Texas. His lawyer says he hasn’t used the truck for months and that a ranch hand had borrowed it. Police are looking into the truck incident.

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