Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today's Country Tidbits

Don't miss the People's Choice awards tonight on CBS. Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift will all be part of the show, and country music is represented well in the nominations.

Is it legal or isn't it? Country Crossing, the country music and lifestyle venue near Dothan, Alabama, also includes gambling machines, which developers, owners and the county officials say are legal. The Governor of Alabama sent in his anti-gambling task force in the wee hours of this morning to put a stop to what they believe is illegal gambling. A judge quickly ordered the task force to stand down, and it's unclear exactly what will happen next. The venue is the location for a three-day country music festival scheduled for January 15, 16 and 17th, so they need to get this all ironed out pretty quickly.

Jimmy Wayne's walk across America to bring attention to homeless teens is going well. He crossed the Tennessee River yesterday, and says he's blown away by small-town America. All along the way, people are bringing him coffee, donuts, bottles of water and when he stops for a meal, people buy it for him.

Meanwhile, Justin Moore didn't have a great day yesterday. His wife was driving their car in Nashville, and an officer pulled her over because she was driving on expired tags. Justin was not amused, and made his feelings perfectly clear via Twitter. He said he's convinced that "99% of cops in Nashville got beat up in high school." He went on to use an expletive related to their parentage, saying they "don't look big & bad by pickin on a girl 8 mts preg." Today he's back-pedaling a little bit, saying that there are a lot of great officers out there and he appreciates what they do, but knows of at least one that needs to chill. The baby girl is due later this month, while Justin will be on the road with Brad Paisley.

John Rich and his wife Joan are ready, and it's a good thing. Their son, Cash, has a due date of tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

Sound and Speed motors through Nashville this weekend, with two shows Friday night at the Ryman. Jason Michael Carroll is the featured performer on the 7pm show, and Hank Williams Jr. and his daughter Holly are sharing the stage at 9:30. Chris Young, Danny Gokey and Kyle Petty are part of both shows.

Wanna see Taylor Swift doing a karaoke version of Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead?" She really sells it, so there's some kick to go with all of her sugar and spice.